For a free printed copy of 40 Inspiring Guides to a New Life (40 powerful, inspiring and special signposts to help guide you along the way in everyday life) on nice textured design paper. Just contact us and mention this offer.
    The poster is 8" x 11".

FREE Brochure
Brochure    A new updated brochure is now available. If you would like extra copies to give to others simply request them and we will promptly send them out to you. If you would like more than 5, we must charge a small shipping fee.  Contact Us to see how much it will be. All of the latest Vernon Howard materials are listed in the brochure. A perforated Order Form is included inside each brochure.

A Treasure Box of Higher Learning
    A spectacular new booklet box. 16 of Vernon Howard’s rewarding booklets fit inside a beautiful storage box. It’s a mini-library of powerful truths and includes all the newest editions. Never lose your booklets again.  Order here
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eBooks and eBooklets
All of Vernon Howard's books and booklets have been converted to both .epub and .mobi files for downloading. There are 18 eBooks and 22 eBooklets available. The .epub file is for iPads and most other tablets and the .mobi file is for Kindle tablets or Kindle Apps. All Vernon Howard books and booklets have been converted to these digital formats.

The Power of Your Supermind
Great cosmic mysteries explained in a clear and practical way. Step-by-step guides toward a higher life.
(256 page soft cover book) Order here

Vernon Howard eTalks
    There are now 105 Vernon Howard titled talks available for digital download.  These talks were personally chosen by Vernon Howard. They are the best of the best, containing beautiful higher truths and covering a wide variety of inner life topics. Start your collection today!
(14 new ones added 11/1/18) 
Vernon Howard eTalks

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These teachings will have a rich and healthy influence on your life for many years.

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    Our Fall/Winter Newsletter has been printed and  mailed to everyone on our mailing list in early September. If you  would like to receive a free copy, contact us with your mailing address. Send us your new address if it has changed.
    If you’d like a copy of our previous newsletter just contact us with your mailing address and we’ll get it out to you right away. You can also download PDF files of past newsletters.

Upcoming Banquets
     Join us for a traditional Thanksgiving banquet in Westminster, CA  on Thursday, November 23 at 10 AM. There are additional classes Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 10 AM.  The menu consists of a traditional turkey meal, fresh salads and tasty desserts.
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     Join us for a festive Christmas banquet in Strawberry, AZ  on Monday, December 25 at 9 AM. There are additional classes on Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM.  The menu consists of a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings.
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