Ten Steps to End Stress

by Vernon Howard

  1. Calm command can replace agitation as surely as sunshine can replace a storm.
  2. Examining the doubts we have about our present way is a highly intelligent act.
  3. Most people merely rearrange their problems, but with self-insight you can end them.
  4. Feel the need for something different, then let it grow by having affection for it.
  5. You are not required to listen to anyone who demands, “What are you doing about my problems?”
  6. Starting now, never again permit hard or disapproving facial expressions to intimidate you.
  7. Reflect often on the interesting idea of getting out of your own way.
  8. A quiet mind knows the answer, which means we must cease to fight anxiously for the answer.
  9. One day you will look calmly at a fear and say to it, “You have shaken me for the last time.”
  10. The one supreme power that will guarantee personal happiness is personal right thinking.

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