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“Vernon Howard is probably the clearest writer on these subjects in the English language.”   — Human Behavior Magazine

The Power of Your Supermind (New edition)
The Power of Your Supermind    This book provides esoteric wisdom, including many answers which at first seem strange. As you follow these step-by-step guides, wondrously, strangeness is replaced by new insight. This great change uplifts everything in a way you can feel.

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700 Inspiring Guides to a New Life
700 Inspiring Guides to a New Life    The guides in this book contain dynamic principles for revealing a totally new world to you. You will read many fascinating stories about men and women who are winning the same special success you wish to find.

(148 page soft cover book)  $9Add to Cart

Cosmic Command
Cosmic Command    This book can save you years of search and struggle. With these higher guides, release the cosmic power within you and be safe always. These facts are kindly and helpful friends whose only purpose is to guide you to the heights of a free life.

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Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge
Esoteric Encyclopedia   
This book  features a truly encyclopedic course in esoteric knowledge. It can change your life in an astounding way. It includes dozens of fascinating stories about men and women who found a new world for themselves.

(254 page soft cover book) $14 Add to Cart

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