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The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power

The Mystic Path    This classic guide presents the great spiritual, psychological and mystical truths in a simple manner, making them  practical for daily use by men and women. You will discover how the great teachers over the centuries have really taught the same truth. You will read inspiring historical stories of those who dared all for Truth — and found wisdom and peace at last. This book belongs in the library of every serious spiritual student.

The Esoteric Path to a New Life  MP3 Compact Disc with 64-page Guidebook

The Esoteric Path MP3 CD    This beautiful set is the perfect introduction to Vernon Howard’s teachings and relates some experiences during the early years of his quest for truth.
Contents include:
    1. “Contact the Source of Permanent Power” — 50 minute talk
    2. “Awareness is Everything” — 45 minute talk
    3. “A Revealing Interview with Vernon Howard” — 90 minute interview
    4. “The Esoteric Path to a New Life” — A practical 64-page booklet

50 Ways to SeeThru People50 Ways to See Thru People

    Incredible secrets of human behavior revealed. (A 40-page booklet)

Conquer Anxiety & FrustrationConquer Anxiety and Frustration

    Defeat fear and all other unwanted conditions. (A 40-page booklet)

NO 1Your Power to Say NO

    Overcome self-defeating behavior at last! (A 40-page booklet)

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