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Books     There is a wide variety of formats to choose from by which you can become more acquainted with the marvelous teachings of Vernon Howard. Click on any of the sections in the drop down menu under Bookshop in the navigation bar above and discover where you can find genuine help.  You can also go to the text navigation bar at the bottom of this page to choose a category.  These are the answers you’ve been looking for all your life.

Vernon Howard eBooks and eBooklets
     All 18 books and 21 booklets are available as digital downloads. They can be purchased as .epub or .mobi files. The .epub file is for iPads and most other tablets and the .mobi file is for Kindle tablets or Kindle Apps. All Apple products come with the iBooks App already installed on your device. There are many features that are available with most tablets such as changing font sizes, changing background color, looking up the definition of words, e-mailing specific quotes to a friend and lots more. This all depends upon the capabilities of your tablet or the device you are using. Usually the more money you spend the more features you get.

Vernon Howard eTalksNew Burst
There are now 105 Vernon Howard titled talks available for digital download at a fantastic price. These talks were specifically chosen by Vernon Howard. They are the best of the best, containing beautiful higher truths and covering a wide variety of inner life topics. Vernon Howard eTalks (14 new ones added 11/1/18)

Placing an Order
     You can  purchase any product on our websites by  credit card  or you can go  to the Order Form page,  print it out, fill in all applicable  information (please doublecheck) and mail it in with payment to the address at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate  to contact us. All contact information is listed below.

LynneDoctor of Psychology
    “I know of no one in life or literature who compares to Vernon Howard in enlightened understanding of human problems and solutions.”
                                                   — Dr. Lynne Wooldridge

Doctor of Chiropractic
    “Fresh insight into life’s so-called problems can be gained very rapidly utilizing Vernon Howard’s books and tapes. I recommend them to many of my patients and all of my friends.”
                                                                    — Dr. Stephen Antinoro

Doctor of Podiatry
    “Vernon Howard’s practical and brilliant solutions to human conflict will inspire any man or woman who really wants help.”
                                                                           — Dr. Terry Roche

Doctor of  Philosophy
    “Just one of Vernon Howard’s incisive little booklets contains more insights into mental illness and neurosis than whole libraries of psychological and medical scholarship.”
                                                                           — Dr. Bruce Tracy

Doctor of  Medicine
    “Only Mr. Howard has the total understanding needed to solve any human frustration or despair.”
                                                                        — Dr. Frank Cassidy

Doctor of Psychiatry
“After 52 years of practicing psychiatry in many different ways and personally seeking ‘enlightenment’, I am delighted with my experiences with Vernon Howard books and talks.”
                                                            — Dr. Lorenz F. Gerlach, M.D.

Doctor of Divinity
    “Vernon Howard is a light in our generation. Let him instruct you. Keep an open mind to his teaching and you will be rewarded in the only way that really matters. They lead to freedom.”
                                                                 — Dr. Henry Gerhard, D.D.

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